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If you’re reading this, you have most likely heard of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), and you are exploring whether this is something worth your time and money.

I’m here to inform you from my personal experience (opinionated of course) IT IS!


In this review I am going to show you the digital marketing industry and how learning how to create your own website for free a to… (fill in the blank) is a truly viable and can be a very profitable aspect. I mean you can choose to either get started with a free account (test drive), with no time limit or go straight to a premium account (which I did in just a couple of days from the date I joined) if you’ve decided that Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform for you.


Learning How to Promote Through Valuable Content Marketing.

With one of the largest domain name registrars,  Wealthy Affiliate has proven time and time again, within the past 14 years (in a positive notion, in the photo below which says 13 years but we’re in 2019 now) to continually help newbie people around the world.


For those who have not heard of Wealthy Affiliate, a simple explanation is that it is fundamentally, a platform for affiliate marketers where you can not only learn how to start an online business, but also be equipped with the right tools such as:

  • Extensive training
  • Two websites included as a free member
  • hosting (included)
  • keyword research software
  • support
  • insightment of a very active community.

Just read some of these tutorials people are saying about this program:

1) Author
My second sale since joining WA!
Last Update: August 17, 2019


I am delighted, as a sale is exactly what I needed to regain motivation. What was even more encouraging is that the sale came from a professional graphic design company. It made me so excited to know that professional graphic design companies are utilising the software I have on offer for their professional businesses to deliver a professional service to their clients.

2) Author
My Success Is Yours
Last Update: August 17, 2019

My-Success-Is-YoursHello, my WA friends and family. This post will be short. I want to share with you an accomplishment that has me quite excited.


Got Google Ranked!
Last Update: August 18, 2019

Got an e-mail saying that Google indexed my website. So cool!


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

It absolutely is not a “get rich quick scheme”: There is some work involved. Unfortunately, you can’t get something for nothing here. Also, probably the only system out there that allows you to try things out for FREE (register here ==> Wealthy Affiliate (WA) without requiring a credit or debit card. So put those AWAY! You won’t be needing them unless you decide to upgrade to a premium membership.


Marketing That Works Like A Charm


In the last clause I stated “It absolutely is not a “get rich quick scheme”. There is some work involved”. If you have time like me.

Since going into a diabetic coma and having a stroke at the exact same time back in November 2013, I’ve been pretty much stuck at home doing absolutely nothing making it impossible to work. I filled for disability back in January 2014 realizing I’m not bouncing back the way I hoped, and I’m still fighting it to this day. You can read more about this in the about Shaun section on my website by clicking the menu tab.

I decided helping people out in this online marketing field attributes to helping others become successful in the digital online affiliate marketing industry.

I figured why not show others what not to do if you want to make SOME money online (failing miserably) ha ha! And given the fact I’m not working, learning the ins and outs to “Digital Marketing and How I Start A Career In Digital Marketing” (another article I wrote) with no income to pay what bills the government doesn’t cover, I figured why not change my marketing tactics through valuable content article/review writing and show prospects exactly how to create your own website for free a to… once again (fill in the blank) trying to earn a sustainable online income at the same time.

So recently getting ranked on Yahoo and Bing (for the first time ever since starting my journey down the road of digital affiliate marketing back in January 2012 creating a company called (“Marketing Products And Services”), and finally got ranked on Google, I feel is an accomplishment all in it’s own!



Extensive Beneficial Training


There is a lot extensive beneficial training once you sign-up to become a Wealthy Affiliate (WA) (taken in the screenshot above). Training courses if you will which include:

All of which are very detailed and educational for those of us who take digital affiliate marketing seriously enough to try and make a full time income from it! I mean, in all the years I have been an affiliate marketer I’ve never seen a platform like this before! The intricacy is so amazingly created. And thanks to “My Online Startup” I now feel I truly have the opportunity of a lifetime!

Still aren’t convinced read up on more of this amazing program opportunity by clicking on the bullet point links above.

I mean your finished product could potentially look like these:




Just to provide a few examples.


My website is still a work in progress. However, my finished product will be amazing thanks to the creators (Kyle and Carson) at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).



Wealthy Affiliate ReviewedIs this truly the Best Affiliate Marketing Platform out there?


Hands-down, I would like to think so! Just look at all the benefits you will be receiving:

Beginning with:

  • A keyword research software
  • support
  • Extensive training
  • Two websites included as a free member
  • hosting (included)
  • insightment of a very active community
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course
  • Training Activity Module
  • Training HQ Module
  • Classrooms Modue



So what are you waiting for? Learn How To Create Your Own Website For FREE A To… sign-up today. Just remember you don’t need your cc or debit card to try this program. So, why not take it for a test drive today?

Oh ya, If you have any questions or need/want more info, please leave a comment down below and also subscribe to my email list by putting your name and email in the subscription box below to receive smart learning tips on how to become the best online affiliate internet marketer!

To Your Success,


Wealthy Affiliate


Overall Product







  • Valuable Training
  • Easy sign-up
  • Easy to follow


  • Pricing availability
  • Only 10 variables being a free member
  • No written tutorials section

Shaun Sumner