Best Steps to Starting a Successful Affiliate Online Business

best-steps-to-starting-a-successful-affiliate-online-businessThere are thousands of steps to try to educate someone on the value of content article marketing. So, instead of attaching a number to the Best Steps to Starting a Successful Affiliate Online Business, I figured why not just post some of the best ways to do this in my experiences.

And after signing up for ClickBank University, My Online Startup and Wealthy Affiliate, I think it’s time for me to get back into my website writing valuable content and try to create a higher ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo (as my site has been neglected for the last couple of months.)

However, we should be asking ourselves questions like Why did I decide to become an Internet Marketer?, What is traditional Affiliate Marketing?, How can you maximize the money value on traffic?, etc…


Let’s start out with the first question!

Why Did I Decide to Become an Internet Marketer

To answer this question, I decided to become FREE! So, I can work from anywhere in the world (literally), to never want for money ever again, to be absolutely 100% debt FREE, i.e. – pay off student loans, medical bills, fix my credit, last but not least to never have to answer to anyone ever again (to be my own BOSS!)

We need to be using the what, who, when, where & why, when writing valuable article/blogging content we should use every resource available you are capable of using like a review I wrote on ViralPLR eBooks Review.ViralPLR This is a for sure way to get a once a month eBook you can use as a lead magnet to grow your list. Just like I’m doing here. ==>Subscriber Overdrive ( download a copy of your FREE eBook right here). Or you can just click the eBook image down below to sign-up! By the way, I am fixing to write an article/blog post on this FREE eBook “Subscriber Overdrive”

Working from home has been very illuminating. I’ve definitely been a sponge, soaking up subscriber-overdriveeverything in the path of Affiliate Marketing since I’ve been blessed to get my disability enabling me to invest in these education platforms to better myself and my company. That’s why I stand by what I say. Which is:

“I believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should improve themselves and/or business, no matter what stage in life they’re in. Whether it’s to develop a better mindset or to increase profits. Moving forward is key.”

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On to my next question that I think needs to be answered.

Being My Own BossBe-your-own-boss

The benefits have been amazing, not having to answer to anyone but myself. No alarm clock, time clocks, or timed lunch breaks. But one major thing is you have really got to be responsible like not working in bed. Although, think that’s one of the main reasons we can learn the “Best Steps to Starting a Successful Affiliate Online Business”.

In order to accomplish this I get out of bed, start the coffee pot to slowly wake up, which I am very grateful for. Get my laptop out and start the day with a schedule I have created from Wealthy Affiliate. You can also find more helpful benefits on another article review I wrote on my website called What Is A Wealthy Affiliate.

Which, brings me to my next statement.

To be Absolutely 100% Debt FREE

I’m still working on this one. This one statement To be Absolutely 100% Debt FREE, seems like it will never happen. And if I keep neglecting my website from writing valuable content to create a sustainable online marketing business. What will happen? Absolutely NOTHING!

That’s why I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf for 2020. I am going to write at least two article/blog posts a week, which I’ve got to add to my schedule from the screen shot above. As you can see it’s not added yet. But it will be by next week.

Still working on:

  • Pay off Student Loans (which I finally started to pay off)
  • Medical Bills
  • Fix my credit (which has started to show positive marks on my credit report due to making payments on time every month, now that I’m starting to make money from my efforts)

So, now that we are here it’s time to start learning how to obtain all this information for FREE! To start you should download a copy of your The Ultimate Content Creation Handbook (download your FREE eBook right here)

Implementing What You Learn

OK, here’s where we put all of what we learned in this FREE eBook you just downloaded into action just like they say in Clickbank University, (which I highly recommend you sign up for) I will write another review this in another post. So, create a schedule to your liking. And just stick to it. I know what your thinking right now. You’re thinking easier, said than done. But, that’s why we have mentors and people we can follow someone successful whom has succeeded in this business. So, just take ACTION! That’s the best advice I can give you.

In Conclusion

Would invite you to come into my world of “Best Steps to Starting a Successful Affiliate Online Business”? ABSOLUTELY! Especially since the info I am providing is FREE!

So, if you want to escape out that 9-5 routine and you are looking to get out of the rat race. There’s no better time than now. Just click the links above to learn how.

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Shaun Sumner