ARRRGH! Frustrated? Needing Extra Money?

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Boy, if you’re at all like me, ARRRGH! Frustrated? Needing extra money? You’re probably asking yourself “Why can’t I just get a head?Getting-A-Head or How come I can’t find a better job?Find-a-better-job or heck if you’re unemployed (like me) and can’t afford a pot to pee in or even a window to throw it out of (click here for statistics)” then you’ll find I think we have a lot more in common than you’ll actually think we do! I’m pretty sure is making stupid and ignorant choices in life played a big, huge, elaborate role were the creation and deciding factors in this matter! DON’T YOU?

In this article, I’m going to bring it home to see if anyone of you out there in blog/article reading world can relate with my experiences and resonates just to exemplify (not glorify) the trials and tribulations I have gone through in my life. Due to all my own poor choices of course… I talk about a little of this in my “About Shaun (My Online Startup Bootcamp)” About-Shaun-(My-Online-Startup-Bootcamp)page where I give you a brief summary of how I got here! But I wanna get down to the knitty gritty of my story, so bare with me as I go through some these aspects!

The Starting Point Of Becoming A Drug Addict


It started in my early teens. Around 14 years old, growing up in a broken home. Having a lot of responsibility pushed onto me as a child wasn’t any fun at all! Doing things like:


Household Chores


  • Laundry
  • Cleaning the Kitchen (i.e., doing dishes, taking the trash out, etc,)
  • Cleaning Bedrooms
  • Cut the yard

I mean life as kid growing upLife-as-a-kid-growing-up just wasn’t any fun at all! But, then the real fun came. My baby brother was born when I turned 15 years old. I mean imagine having to adjust your entire life already at just 15 years old was by far no means fun. Little did I know this was the first of many new-found adjustments I was going to have to make. You would think already having two more younger brothers, Mom would’ve pawned some more of those Household Chores off on the other two boys to help lighten my load.

Anyways, one fine Saturday mid-morning my mother (God Rest Her Soul) came running out of her bathroom shower in a bath robe and said “Shaun, help me smoke this joint quickly before your father gets out of the shower!” Needless to say having already experimented with drugs, I said “OKAY”, I mean you don’t have to ask me twice! And from there it just escalated! It went from smoking a joint with my mother to her one day asking me “if I could hook her up with a bag of smoke?” And BOOOM I was introduced to the fine world of entrepreneurship.Introduction-to-entrepreneurship From that day on I just knew I wasn’t going to struggle like I did growing up in a broken home! But it happened anyways! Not to mention working for someone else makes them rich beyond belief!


Introduction to Dealing Drugs

Just when I get this bright idea (not knowing anything about an addict’s life & what I was truly in store for).Bright-idea

I started selling cocaineSelling-cocaine at a very young age, maybe 15 years old or so! From then on graduating to “Beans” (that’s what we called Ecstasy)Ecstasy around 18-19. Consequently climbing the food chain rapidly pushing about 1500 of those suckers about every two days. Consequently around twenty-one or so getting into a motorcycle accident, shattering my right tibea-pleatu bone (that’s the huge bone right under your knee cap supporting all your weight, walking and running) and having already done opiates (i.e. heroine, oxy cotton, percocet, etc.)


After that, I started running doctors making thousands of dollars a month. But like the old saying goes “fast money brings fast problems”.


In September 2009, I was convicted of a felony,Felony-charges They called it breaking and entering into a commercial building of an unoccupied dwelling. Ya, so I got this bright idea that I could break into a mom & pop pharmacy and steal all their oxy cottons seeing as how I frequented the pharmacy every month getting my prescriptions filled thereafter the surgery I had on my right leg, so I could be at the top of the food chain, I swear I need to write an autobiography, humph!

I’m starting to find writing about my life very soothing and relaxing. It’s really helping me deal with a lot of this intriguing story-line from my past, present and my future! I’m telling ya I have so much to integrate into this chapter of my life, that I really don’t even care about making the money anymore. I mean if my story touches just one person and helpsHelping-People them from making the same mistakes I have made, that’s a blessing all by itself.

To Wrap This Part Of My Story Up

So, to conclude this section of my untold Bible. I’ve learned that it’s not always about making money. It’s also about helping others accomplish what they haven’t foreseen yet like getting rid of the frustration of dealing with life. Instead we should turn to more positive positions like:

Affiliate Marketing Important Factors In Learning Skills

So what if I can’t get rich like all these so called gurus out here filming from they’re $300,000.00 yacht! If I could just help one person from making the same mistakes I did, then I’ve been rewarded enough. Hey, when life shows up unexpectedly, it’s how we deal with it that counts. Even if I have another dry spell such as ARRRGH! Frustrated? Needing Extra Money? all I can say is I’ll be ready for it Eh He!

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To Your Success,


Shaun Sumner