ViralPLR eBooks Review

ViralPLRProduct Review: Viral PLR

Website: viralplr.com

Owners: Frank Bauer & Colin Klinkert

Silver Membership: FREE

Build Your Own List Upgrade: $7/monthly

Gold Membership: $37 /month, $77 /quarter, $247 /year or $597 /lifetime

Hello! My name is Shaun.ShaunAs if, you did not already know from my other articles. But we’ll talk more about that later. Right now I wanna talk about a platform/program that gives you your very own eBook once a month with Private Label Rights (PLR) for short. And he gives them away. You can resell them to make money with them or you can do like I’m doing.

Creating Autofunnels through Getresponse to build an email list using this Viral PLR eBooks Review is a very wise move (I think). I mean where else do you get to put your website link into an already rewritten eBook for FREE and can resell for however much you want (Within reason of course), or you can use it as a lead magnet to uncontrollably draw them into your email list.

And with over 175 visitors to my website (https://www.myonlinestartupbootcamp.com) through the months September-October, I figured ah what the heck. I might as well give that coined based saying. You know the one all the gurus talk about and say all the time. “The Money is in The LIST”!



The Money Is In The List

You’ve heard those gurus say it all the time “The Money is in The LIST”! Well I’m starting to believe it. However, building a list is not so easy, with over 8-9 billion people online every day. The internet is just flooded with traffic.

I chose to go with Trafficwave.net as my email list building platform. They give you a full 30 days to decide if you like them or not. But we’ll talk about that in another review.

OK, so let’s DIVE in.

In the ViralPLR platform, there are 9 components that are clickable links. (Notice I said, in the ViralPLR platform, not here.) They are:

  • Dashboard
  • Access
  • Mailer
  • Get Exposure
  • Market Place
  • Downline Builder
  • Affiliate
  • Upgrade
  • Help / Training

I wanna pause right here for a moment to take a look at the FAQ’s. Why so early in the review you ask? Because, your skepticism radar is bouncing all over the place. I can see that blood-red meter stick going, back and forth womp, womp, womp going faster and faster.

So, I know what you’re thinking.I-know-what-you-are-thinking You’re thinking how on this globally, wonderfully acclaimed planet we call earth can Frank and Aurelius afford to just give away such detailed information without charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just one of these eBooks, (which I am certain all the eBooks in this course are docked full of similar Intel). And if Frank and Aurelius even remotely do all the research for each and every eBook they produce, which I can guarantee tons of work went into each eBook. I must give a shout out to Frank Bauer and Aurelius Tjim for creating such a powerful platform!

On with the FAQ’S section (Just the FAQ’S ma’am/ or sir)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


1) Q: How often can I email my list in ViralPLR?

     A: If, you are a Silver      member, you can email your list every 3 days if you are a Gold upgraded member, you can email your list every day.


2) Q: When does a new ViralPLR product get released?

A: We release a new product every 1st of the month.


1) Q: I love ViralPLR and want to leave a testimonial, what should I do?

     A: Click here to leave your text or voice recorded testimonial by calling our toll-free testimonial hot line!

2) Q: I have an improvement suggestion for ViralPLR, what should I do?

     A: Click on the orange Suggestions Tab in the lower left corner of your browser and submit your suggestion for public discussion. If, you prefer to make your suggestion in private, click here to leave a help desk ticket in the ViralPLR.com category.

3) Q: I have a problem that I can figure out how to resolve, what should. I do?

     A: Click here to leave a help desk ticket in the ViralPLR.com. Category.


1) Q: Can I request for a topic to be written?

     A: Yes! We’d love to receive some ideas on topics for future products. Let us know by clicking here to submit a ticket in the ViralPLR.com category.


1) Q: How do I claim a coupon?

     A: Click here and enter your ad credit coupon code to claim your credits bonus.


1) Q: How much do I earn as an affiliate of ViralPLR?

    A: Click here to take a look at the commission structure.

Getting Exposure

1) Q: How can I set up text and banner ads?

     A: To set up text and banner ads, go to the ‘Get Exposure’ section. Click ‘Text Ads’ to set up your text ads and ‘Banner Ads’ to set up your banner ads. Please follow the on-screen instructions carefully. You may purchase additional Text Ads and Banner Ads credits at any time using the ‘Buy Additional Credits’ link.


1) Q: How often can I email my list in ViralPLR?

     A: If, you are a Silver member, you can email your list every 3 days. If, you are a Gold upgraded member, you can email your list every day.


1) Q: When does a new ViralPLR product get released?

     A: We release a new product every 1st of the month.

FREE Product Once a Month

ViraPLR, provides a FREE product once a month to all FREE members’. That’s right, I said FREE members’. If, you want access to more than one product per month you’re going to have to upgrade. Upgrade to BYO (Build Your Own List) today for just $7 /month. There’s three different types of upgrades, of course the third one is just to compare membership types, don’t worry I’m fixing to show you those benefits side-by-side down below::

  • First list you already know! That is the BYO (Build Your Own List)!
  • Upgrade number two is the Gold Membership! Which will run you around $37 month, $77 /quarter, $247 /year or $597 /lifetime (SAVE OVER 97%)! Which, I believe is a fantastic price for everything you get.

Compare ViralPLR Membership Types

Access to a brand new product every month:YesYesViralPLR Product rights: ViralPLR “Complete PLR” Always 1 product / month ahead: NoYes Build your internal Mailing Lists: YesYes Build your external Mailing Lists (Aweber, Getresponse etc.): NoYes Email each of your internal lists once every: 3 days 1 day Downline levels of internal lists: 38 Ability to save mailing templates: 5 mailings 50 mailings Extensive email tracking stats: NoYes Receive random ViralPLR members’ in your database of verified subscribers: NoYes Earn commissions on ViralPLR membership upgrades:up to 30% up to 50% Earn commissions on ViralPLR product sales:up to 50% up to 75%100% instant payments on ViralPLR product sales NoYes Ability to purchase additional products at a 50% discount in the members’ area: NoYes Have your own products listed in the ViralPLR Marketplace: 1 Unlimited Build your internal Mailing List each time your product is claimed: YesYes Build your external Mailing List (Aweber, Getresponse etc.) each time your product is claimed: NoYes Earn royalties on your products in the Marketplace:up to 40% “up to 60%” Earn commissions on other members’ Marketplace product sales: up to 40%up to 60? promoting your own Marketplace products (commissions + royalties): 80% 100% instant payments Number of your text ads rotated in ViralPLR & other sites:15 Make text ads bold, italic, underlined and/or colored: NoYes Number of your banner ads rotated in ViralPLR & other sites:15 Text ad credits received every month: No 1,000 Banner ad credits received every month: No 1,000Receive credits for text & banner ads shown on our site:0.30.6Credits used to display your text & banner ad on our site:1.01. Receive credits for text & banner ad shown on your site: “0.3″ Credits used to display your text & banner ad on another members’ site:0.50.5 Upgrade available!

As you can see upgrade to Gold Membership is the only way to go.

Although, the FREE Membership is still not a bad deal! I mean you still get one very valuable eBook every single month. This month’s eBook is entitled, “Affiliate Marketing Kick Start”. Here’s what’s on the lead magnet/landing , (that’s right you guessed it, more bullet points):

Free Downloadable eBook:

9 :

“FREE REPORT: Discover How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer Even If You’re Just Starting Out Online…

  • Exactly what affiliate marketing is and how it works.
  • The benefits of affiliate marketing versus creating your own products.
  • The one simple thing you can do to sell more products as an affiliate.
  • How to find and join affiliate programs as well as finding products that will sell.
  • Two top websites where you can become an affiliates and access thousands of products ready to be promoted.
  • How to successfully create an “affiliate website” to promote products as an affiliate.

Plus, lots more!

Simply use the form below to fill in your first name and primary email address to get instant access to this special guide.

YES! Give Me Access To This Guide & Bonus Right Now!


Privacy Policy – we hate spam as much as you do!

You’ll get instant access to this product!

Here’s a couple of screenshots so you can see how beautifully crafted the squeeze page actually is ==>


ViralPLR Blog Posts

Even though I just realized, I’m pretty sure these posts, I think were rewritten for me to Implement them on my blog. Ah well, there’s plenty of them to choose from. So, here’s at least one blog post. A blog within a blog post, if you will! (Hahaha, I made a funny!) And right here on the right, a smaller version showing the actual sign-up fields with a special bonus section just barely peeking through just to give you the idea.

ViralPLR Review:

In this blog post, I will give you my personal review on a brand new site called ViralPLR.

There’s been a lot of garbage and hype out there about the latest and greatest tool that can make you rich overnight. Don’t be fooled because there’s no such thing. There really is no magic pill to riches.

What you need is a product which you can sell online, and a system that can build all this for you.

Well, today I’m proud to recommend ViralPLR.

What is ViralPLR?

It’s a site where you can get access to a brand new, rebrandable product every single month.

These products are information products based around hot topics related to Internet marketing and self-improvement — both proven to be big markets where a lot of money can be made.

At first glance, you’re probably thinking that ViralPLR provides PLR (private label rights) products. Although they do provide private label rights in its upgraded “Gold” membership (explained later), but if you sign up for free you get rebrandable rights.

What this means is that each product is re branded with your details such as your name and website on the eBooks’ title page so it appears as though you authored the eBook.

This gives you a huge advantage because:

1) you don’t need to write a single word and

2) you build your credibility and authority.

The re branding of each eBook is done automatically using the ViralPLR Re branding tool. You don’t need to mess around with document editors and PDF.

How Does It Work?

After you’ve signed up to ViralPLR, you can access the members’ area and the product of the month.

Follow the steps that are shown in the members’ dashboard. You want to make sure you fill in your details correctly as it will be used on the current eBook and every other eBook you receive each month when a member downloads your re branded eBook.

You are given a unique promotion link to promote each product. There’s a link to promote the product as a lead generator and a link if you want to resell the product to make money.

If, you want to use it as a lead generator, it will use the ready-made “squeeze page” where people can sign up to download the product.

If, you want to make money, it will use the sales page where people can purchase the product where you’ll get paid per sale.

The best part is that any leads you generate will be stored in the ViralPLR Email System which you can then used to broadcast any emails like an offer or newsletter to your leads. This makes it one powerful system in my opinion.

What Are The Benefits of ViralPLR?

Firstly, it’s going to save you time and money by not having to create new products, designing web pages, web hosting and write.

You don’t need to be a tech wiz to figure out how to use and make it work.

I checked to see the quality of the eBooks you receive and they are top-notch. They are written by US based writers so you can rest assured knowing the eBooks are high-quality. Any one product is approximately 40-50 pages, not some 10-page report that’s worthless.

Any one product comes with a squeeze page which is used to collect leads.

Any one product comes with a sales page that’s ready to make sales.

As I mentioned before, you don’t need web hosting. Everything is hosted in the ViralPLR server. Plus, you don’t need to register for domain names. You are given a unique link to promote each product. It’s that simple, really.

As you generate more leads into the system, so does your income. As, they say “The money’s in the list”. You can broadcast any message you like to the leads you generate using the ViralPLR Email Broadcast System. Simply insert your email, submit and your subscribers will receive your message.

You’re getting a fresh product every month without writing a single word. That’s a time saver because you and I both know that it would take days to write a 40 to 50-page eBook.

How Much is ViralPLR?

Access is free. Yep, zero dollars. In my opinion, they could have easily charged $97 a month for this service.

You can sign up here:


Are There Any Upgrades?

Yes, there is “Gold” membership upgrade which gives you several other benefits such as the complete private label rights and ability to integrate your own autoresponder with ViralPLR.

The upgrade alone is worth a lot more than the cost of producing a product each month. If, you were to create a product yourself, it would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to produce.

You will see the upgrade after you sign up and can make a decision on whether it’s something for you. In my opinion, having the private label rights is an advantage because you can fully customize the contents of the product in any way or form.

The Verdict

If, you’re looking to excel in a way to build an online business, this is a great way.

This is especially valuable for beginners since there’s almost zero technical work that needs to be done on your end.

Even if you’re looking to make more passive income on the side, this is definitely a must-have to add to your income streams.

My recommendation for you is to sign up now. It’s a no brainier. Best of all, it’s free.

Access ViralPLR here:


To Wrap This Up

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely! Without a shadow of a doubt, hands down! I mean where else are you going to find a platform like this with the exception of my “What is A Wealthy Affiliate Review?”

So, a finalized bullet point summary of what you’ll be getting when you sign-up right now:

FREE Membership (Silver)

  • Access to a brand new product every month
  • Downline Builder which allows you to leverage multiple list building for “MAXIMUM” exposure
  • A one-of-a-kind prebuilt beautifully crafted squeeze page
  • Choices to remain a FREE member, or you may upgrade (no pressure) to the “Build Your Own List” package or “Gold” membership package (best deal).
  • Build your internal Mailing Lists
  • Have your own products listed in the ViralPLR Marketplace: 1 Unlimited Build your internal Mailing List each time your product is claimed

Not to mention the two more fantastic upgrades you’ll have access to once you sign-up. So, what are you waiting for? Become a representative of ViralPLR right now. And in case you’re wondering why this review is so long, the truth is, there’s so much valuable information within the ViralPLR membership, it practically sells itself. Although, you wouldn’t know that with almost 3,000 words written!

That’s it for now. I sincerely hope you found this elongated review intriguing. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think. And oh yeah, be sure to sign up to my mailing list by putting your name and email in that box down below as well. I’ll send you newsletters that will give you FREE tips to learn how to become the BEST affiliate marketer online!


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To Your Success,



Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review Comparison Cutting Edge Technology


Jaaxy-Keyword-research-toolJaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Website: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review Comparison Cutting Edge Technology


  • Starter Membership: FREE Starter Membership, 30 Free Searches per Month
  • PRO Membership: $49 per month
  • Enterprise Membership: $99 per month

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: 99 out of 100


Jaaxy; Product Overview:  

Is simply a product which provides the means to be able to type in specific keywords or keyword phrases! In the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review Comparison Cutting Edge Technology I’m going to show you how I can help you get ranked on Google’s first page by having a very low QSR (Quoted Search Results). Which is it’s under 100, you get ranked on the first page of Google is more apt to happen than is it’s over 100. (See the two screenshots below. Which neither one are in the niche I’m working in simply because I want to break up the monotony for a little diversity:

  1. Women Who Want to Lose Weight in Under 6 Weeks,in this screenshot,we show a 0 under the QSR which usually means excellent article writing power which you normally would want that around 10 which in the other 2 columns it shows a<10 & <10.Keyword-research-value2) How to do Womens Hair While Traveling on the Road. In this screenshot it shows a QSR in this with only 41, which is excellent ranking.Jaaxy-Keyword-research-rankings

I mean we are, after all, on the cutting edge of technology? Are we not?… I mean let’s give credit where credit is due. And I think Jaaxy (co founder’s Kyle & Carson) deserves 100% credit for How to use Long Tail Keywords with Jaaxy, another review I wrote which I more than invite you to click the hyperlink to indulge yourself into some more fine reading.

But, on with this review, eh!

With the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, you are going to be able to quickly discover unique, hot and untouched keywords that you will then be able to used to drive your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights.

Now I’d like to think some credit would go to us clients. You know for coming up with keywords/keyword phrases, in fact I think I’ll follow Kyle’s advice and put the keyword/market/niche research category and tie in Jaaxy promotions. However, two different prices are listed. In the training video Kyle has listed the pricing completely different in the Pro & Enterprise. I don’t know which ones we should be promoting.

  • Video Pricing for Pro: $19
  • Enterprise: $49 for the first week after that it goes up to $69 per month

Providing that pricing has not changed! You already know a lot of these videos are over six years old. See screen shots to the right and the left of paragraphing written content. Kyle & Carson has to know about this. Because is not they should really update some of their video content as well. Jaaxy has a very lucrative affiliate program and if you are taking part in bootcamp or you are a user of Jaaxy, you should definitely leverage your product knowledge and create a review. In this video I walk you through the different price points of Jaaxy and show you how to effectively create a Jaaxy Review for your website.Creating-a-Powerful-Jaaxy-Review- on-Your-Website

AFFILIATE DISCLOSER: Do acknowledge that all the links presented here pointing to the Jaaxy website are affiliate links. This means I earn a commission — at no additional cost to you — is (and only is) you decide to make purchase after following one of these links.

Understand that: I have used and I experimented the services, products, services and tools described here; I don’t recommend any of them based on the small amount I earn is you decide to buy them; I only recommend what I think can truly be useful and helpful to you.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Keyword/Phrase Research

PRO #2: Millions upon Millions of Keyword/Phrase Terms

PRO #3: Pricing, providing that the pricing has not changed

The Bad:

CON #1: Pricing being changed on the Pro & Enterprise Versions of the Product Upgrade

CON #2: I can’t really think of anymore cons.


Who is Jaaxy For?

Informative HBB, Internet Affiliate Marketers alike. Not to mention people helping people, homeless people helping people, Online Internet Affiliate Marketers, My Online Startup Bootcamp, My Online Start Up Bootcamp, Wealthy Affiliate, What is A Wealthy Affiliate & millions more to choose from by filling in the blank keyword/Phrase field down below:

Jaaxy Tools & Training

  • Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords or the Low Hanging Fruit on the Tree as Kyle so eloquently puts it.Download 1,000 hand-picked keywords that are set-up for SEO success. Download the list today as our free bonus to you! These were handpicked titles.
  • Bonus #2: Niches, Keywords, Success Download your Niche Research Bonus and learn how to utilize Jaaxy to uncover hot niches in minutes. This guide will be your handbook for Niche Research!
  • Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets to tapping into the billion dollar industry. How to uncover low cost domains and sell them for much more. Your guide to domain flipping… made easy with Jaaxy.

More Training Tools and Support

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
  • Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • Not to mention all the prerecorded training videos in the help tab up top right is you’re on your Android Smartphone!

My Final Thought

What’s in it for me? A hefty commission as mentioned in my affiliate disclaimer above. Sure, 1-5 sign-ups aren’t a lot at only $8 commission payout. But, is you do the math on say like 15-20 × $8. Now we’re starting to talk numbers and for it to be recurring monthly payments too! I mean where could you go wrong?

Could it be the $19 a month when you upgrade to PRO? Or maybe it’s the $49 Enterprise upgrade? It couldn’t have anything to do with the 500 billion search term data base for keywords/keyword phrases like the two I searched for up top.


Jaaxy at a Glance

Website: https://www.jaaxy.com/order?a_aid=7caeeb45

Owners: Kyle & Carson


Starter Membership: FREE $0.00

Pro: $19-$49 

Enterprise: $69-$99

Overall Scam Rank: 99 out of 100


If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below and I will be sure to respond to them ASAP! Also to get the greatest tips to Learn How to Become the Best Online Affiliate Internet Marketer sign-up by entering your name and email in the subscription box below.

Learn how I branded myself by simply joining this program that allows you to embed your affiliate link in an eBook using Private Label Rights (PLR). Just click the banner below ==>

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